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Manpower Supply

We are doing Manpower Supply Since 1988. We always prefer the selection of applicants either by oral or practical test to be conducted by the employer or his authorized representative. Final screening and shortlisting of candidates we accumulate enough no of potential candidates qualifying the requirement by qualification, experience, employee specifications and etc.

Dubai Business Setup

Dubai is the best place to turn every business idea into reality. But investors across the world face several challenges right at the bat to head-start in this megalopolis. Several steps and legal procedures as a part of Dubai company registration could often be an action block for budding entrepreneurs. If you are stagnant right at the start of building your dream in Dubai, Al Iqra Enterprises can be a real savior. Start your business in Dubai with Al Iqra Enterprises.

Import / Export

Al Iqra Enterprises is doing Imaport and Export Services we create customized, end-to-end supply chain and logistics services for companies and retailers worldwide. Our Professionalism, flexibility and scalability sets us apart in our industry.


Hajj is a journey where a Muslim completes his/her 5th pillar of Islam. Every Muslim from all around the world wants to have the exclusive opportunity to perform this journey with the best hajj packages. Hajj will not be an easy journey as all the rituals have to be performed perfectly. To overcome these kinds of challenges you book you Hajj Package with Al Iqra. We at Al Iqra carve out the best packages of Hajj for our pilgrims with the best facilities at a very reasonable price.


Al Iqra Umrah is fully dedicated to serve people with affordable Umrah packages from India and give Umrah pilgrims a divine tour of the holy place Makkah. Give yourself an experience of a lifetime by booking our affordable Umrah package. If you are searching for the best umrah travel packages then at Al Iqra Umrah, we are ready to help you out.

Karbala Package

In this package ziyarat of Karbala shareef is done with Ziyarat of Baghdad Shareef. Firstly, this package consists of only Iraq. As we all know that these countries are mostly the victims of civil and national wars. Therefore, tourism and the places to visit are not always confirmed as mentioned. Al Iqra provides a valuable Baghdad Tour Package for pilgrims to go during Gyarvee Shareef (Rabbiul Akhir).